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SeeLevel HX Annual Drive-Thru Study

The benchmark in drive-thru performance is back.

The 20th Annual QSR Drive-Thru Study revealed key insights to improve drive-thru performance.

  • COVID-19 Precautions
  • Compliance with Standards
  • Customer Confidence
  • Contactless Services
  • And More


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Drive stronger business operations and marketing plans derived from actionable insights aggregated by quality data only humans can collect.


Make informed, data-driven decisions to strengthen your business strategies and customer experiences when you hire SeeLevel HX.

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Beat the competition with excellence.

Ensure your organization attains and maintains a high level of customer service and customer experience with SeeLevel HX. With employees in every time zone equipped with the tools needed to understand the experience of your customers and gather relevant information only humans can collect, we can support your goals to gain a competitive advantage.

SeeLevel HX has mystery shoppers and customer experience evaluators in every time zone of the united states
SeeLevel HX has a robust mystery shopping panel to improve your customer experience

Rest assured, we have you covered.

Drive innovation and growth for your organization when you choose to work with SeeLevel HX and our database of 792,000 mystery shoppers that have collectively completed over 3 million unique shopping experiences.

SeeLevel HX has a robust mystery shopping panel to improve your customer experience

Positively impact your business strategies.

Align with your business objectives and target audiences with quality data offered by SeeLevel HX’s tailor-made market research programs. By crafting and utilizing the most appropriate shopper profiles, you’ll obtain powerful insights that can assist you in positively impacting your business strategies.

For your mystery shoppers, you can select from hundreds of variables, including:
•  Asset Ownership
•  Brand Loyalty
•  Business
•  Business Owners (B2B Mystery Shopping)
•  Ethnicity
•  FICO Score
•  Number of Children
•  Pet Type/Number
•  Spending Habits

SeeLevel HX Segmentation
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Adjust business plans faster than ever.

Take action on your customer feedback faster than ever with our agile research methodology. We drive faster and more efficient results than any of our competitors by launching programs in as little as two weeks with data ready for review in as little as two days so you can obtain the research needed to expand your business quickly.

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Discover new and unique ways to stand out from the competition by optimizing your customer experience, maximizing revenues and generating stronger brand loyalty with the research and insights provided by SeeLevel HX experts and guided mystery shoppers. 

SeeLevel HX Methodology


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