Deep Insights Delivered Due to Well Designed Scenarios


Our client in the wealth management arena was losing prospective clients because they were not being serviced appropriately at various stages of the acquisition process. They wanted to improve how their wealth advisers were engaging and selling to those who entered their sales funnel, so that they would convert as many as possible.


SeeLevel set out to understand the client journey by exploring how and where the handoffs between wealth advisors occurred for specific client profiles. SeeLevel’s HX Evaluators portrayed a wide variety of detailed profiles representing different investment levels, ranging from a mid-level manager with $50K in investable assets to a millennial who was to inherit $3M from her grandmother.


Our client was presented with a customer road map that demonstrated where each client was handed to the next colleague. The road map illustrated where correct hand offs occurred and identified lost opportunities where the client was directed to a wealth advisor who was not in the best position to assist.


Our client readjusted their internal processes to ensure the right potential client met with the appropriate wealth advisor at each stage, thus capitalizing on all of the prospects that entered their funnel.