A PEG was in the due diligence phase of an acquisition of a  medical practice portfolio during the peak of winter. The deal team needed to visit and evaluate all 62 medical facilities and their nearest competitors located across 13 states.


SeeLevel designed a Human Experience (HX) measurement program that captured on-the-ground proprietary data across the target portfolio’s footprint. The program design contained strong emphasis on documenting and measuring the location’s deferred cap-ex, patient interaction and retail performance.


The HX Evaluators reviewed each site’s physical attributes, interacted with the medical staff, captured photographs of the facility and obtained pricing information for the services offered. A snow storm in Wyoming didn’t delay or prevent 100% data capture across the portfolio, because SeeLevel leveraged its panel of local Evaluators that visited the location once the snow cleared. This delay resulted in the data being collected in 11-days versus 9-days.


The PEG received a first hand view of the facilities, their pricing models, plus a well-rounded view of the competitive set. This proprietary data helped inform their cap-ex budget, pricing models and expedited their due diligence process, which freed up resources on the deal team to drive to financial close.