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Whether your organization is undergoing market penetration or market expansion, mergers or acquisitions, new geographies or new channels, or any kind of integration, business growth means more for your brand than increased revenues. Organizational growth also means increased responsibilities to manage employees well, ensure customer satisfaction and maintain a consistent brand image. Continue reading for tips on managing business growth strategy.

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Hire the Right Staff

Implement stronger training programs and reward systems for your staff. Develop a team of brand ambassadors who are excited to sell products and identify as a part of your brand image. Encourage team members to upsell, explaining that in doing so, they are providing customers with beneficial products and services that complement the items they are already interested in.

capitalize your cx with one of the best mystery shopping companies in North America

Structure & Streamline

The more your business grows, the easier it can be to lose efficiency and mismanage time and resources. Prior to experiencing organizational growth, ensure you have a business expansion strategy in place, so you can structure policies/processes well and streamline procedures and operations from the get-go. When you start your team off strong in this manner, new hires will better understand your vision, quickly getting on board with the SOPs in place.

Customers will reap the benefits from this as well as they will have more efficient ways to communicate and interact with your brand, heightening the likeliness for larger retention rates and stronger customer loyalty.

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Improve Customer Experience Business Relationship

Create a Rewards Program

After the hire, you can ensure your employees stay motivated and dedicated to their positions by creating rewards programs for various tasks and accomplishments. Monitor performance and recognize team members that are going the extra mile to increase customer satisfaction. The better care you offer your employees, the better care they will provide your customers, and the more likely your employee retention rates will increase as well.

Improve Customer Experience Business Relationship

Keep an Eye on Your Customer Experience

In any organizational growth, it is vital to never lose sight of the customer journey and your customer experience. When many policies and procedures are changing, there will be a lot of analyses completed internally, checking operations and logistics, measuring revenue and ROI, etc. But if your brand wants to keep its existing customers during transitions, you must continually monitor and improve your customer experience.

Survey individuals after purchases and interactions, follow up with customer queries and ensure fast response times on every online platform your brand is represented on. Understand what they want and what they are experiencing, and keep them in the loop with big changes occurring. The more transparent you are and the more you maintain open communication with your audience, the more they will feel valued and stay loyal to your brand.

Be Attentive to Customer Feedback


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ensure a consistent brand identity with mystery shopping programs

Throughout the changes about to ensue, it’s imperative you analyze the market, identify gaps in the marketplace and discover how to best position your brand. Stay on brand by making sure each location offers the same customer experience, brand messaging and image.

There are various ways mystery shopping programs can support your efforts to stay on brand during various transitions and growth periods, including through audits, compliance monitoring, customer experience analyses, hypothesis testing, location mapping and UX/UI assessments. Utilize growth strategy consulting from SeeLevel HX secret shops to gain a real competitive edge and the market intelligence you need to separate yourself from the crowd.

ensure a consistent brand identity with mystery shopping programs


Schedule a free consultation with SeeLevel HX experts. Through a mystery shopping program that can help you analyze the market and identify how to best position your brand, you will discover opportunities stand apart from the crowd during any transition and/or organizational growth period.