Upsell Mystery Shopping Program generates 240% Return


Our client in the restaurant arena wanted to increase upselling of a specific food item to better leverage their investment in that item.

Previous upsell campaigns had very mixed results.


SeeLevel designed a Human Experience (HX) measurement program that captured whether the in-restaurant team members were offering the food item to every customer at the point of sale.


Our HX Evaluators conducted over 22,000 in-restaurant evaluations over the course of 8 weeks. Every time a team member was observed offering the food item by an HX Evaluator, the team member and their manager were awarded an On-The-Spot reward certificate.


The upsell campaign incread sales of the food item dramatically and for each $1.00 spent on the program, $3.40 of incremental sales for just that food item were returned to the client during the implementation timeline, a 240% ROI!

A retail or restaurant marketing campaign is only as good as the execution. We see many campaigns ‘fail’ because of bad execution, not because it’s a bad campaign. For your next campaign add mystery shopping monitoring in your budget as part of the campaign development. It will pay for itself!