Generate ROI with actionable insights realized from SeeLevel HX’s market research and mystery shopping services.


As one of the most trusted market research companies in the US, we collect millions of data points each year. SeeLevel HX has numerous Fortune 1000 clients from various industries spanning the United States and Canada. Thanks to our panel of more than half a million mystery shoppers, we are able to offer true diversity for our research projects.

Only SeeLevel HX captures the complete customer experience needed to generating information critical to business improvement. This is one of the reasons why industry leaders in CX and UX practices trust our research programs. We conduct market research on a wide variety of corporate functions including the following:
•  Operations
•  Training
•  Human Resources
•  Market Research
•  Marketing
•  Legal
•  Finance

Improving the customer experience is a continual process


We are not hailed as one of the best mystery shopping companies for nothing. Fortune 1000 clients choose our market research services for the following reasons:

  • Projects are led by experienced researchers.
  • We take our time in understanding your business and consumers.
  • Our reports are written in a way that can be easily understood even by laypeople. Research and non-research professionals can easily extract and use the information provided in our deliverables.
  • We include actionable insights that you can readily include in campaigns to improve customer experiences and company standards.
  • We’re easy to talk to and fun to work with.

SeeLevel HX aligns research goals with your business objectives and needs. We are your partner in developing HX programs that will ultimately improve brand performance and increase sales.

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Businesses follow different operational protocols and our market research programs are individually designed to suit your unique processes. We take pride in delivering reports that contain straightforward information and easy-to-understand infographics that will tell you exactly what business aspects you should focus on improving. All these can be accessed via our web portal or emailed directly to you for convenience.

We sent the mystery shopping cookie-cutters packing a long time ago. Our secret shopper programs are unique and built outside-the-box, so your business has a fresh perspective on all of the departments driving your success. Our online reporting wastes no time telling you where you need to focus to improve the aspects of your business that are most in need, and we’ll send it directly to you via email.

Keeping Track Competition Data


The competition among businesses is getting fiercer every year. The world shows no signs of becoming less competitive, in fact, quite the opposite. Competition has never been as stiff as it is today, as layered, as complex and as integral to your success.

Budding businesses bring new products onto the scene while established ones find ways to manage their prices and improve customer retention. As a market research company, we also recommend getting to know your competitors – their strategies and execution.

Understanding what your competitors are doing, when they’re doing it, what their costs are and how they are executing their vision can be the difference between success or failure for your own business.  An overall understanding of the market landscape will give you a competitive edge, allowing you to understand where to leverage your strengths while capitalizing on competitors’ weaknesses.

Competitive Intelligence Compretition Analysis Secret Shopping


It is typical for an organization to conduct incentive programs to reward employees for regular compliance with business policies. However, not all campaigns end up being successful and the usual culprit is because of the way the management executes the plan. Execution is everything. Some audits and incentives programs are more successful than others and the difference comes down to just that – execution.

At SeeLevel HX, we thoroughly craft individual incentive programs to make sure they have a high success rate when implemented. We’re proud to say that one of our greatest achievements is to drive the policy compliance of one of the biggest chains in the world by 30%, all in a matter of 6 weeks.

Retail Audit Incentives Retailer Mystery Shopping


Acquisitions, partnerships, joint ventures and mergers are commonplace in today’s highly competitive market. Everyone does their due diligence, but how much do you know about the company you’re attempting to acquire, merge or partner with? Are you planning to engage in buying another company to expand your operations? You may have looked in their finances but have you also looked at the company from their customers’ perspective? The numbers may look good on the surface but you could be acquiring a dying brand that will only serve as a liability in the future.

Only the best mystery shopping companies like SeeLevel HX have the capability to handle complex due diligence tasks like this. Our market intelligence programs allow you to see how the company you’re planning to acquire fares in terms of employee performance, customer experience and execution to guide you in your investment decisions.

Market Intelligence Research Company Buildings


We all know that customer experience is only part of the equation as you move towards building a solid consumer base. The other part is the value of the product or service you are selling.  Consumers want a low price but do not want to sacrifice quality at the same time.

How does your pricing compare to the market average? How does your menu compare with your competitors? Do you offer something unique that will increase the number of return customers?

As one of the best mystery shopping companies in North America, we provide you with concrete data on price points across products, retailers and markets, empowering you to make better investment decisions and develop your own proprietary pricing and marketing strategies.

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Technology has no doubt taken your business by storm, and one of those areas is likely to be an app. Whether you’re a retail clothing organization, a QSR brand, a financial institution, a venture capital firm or one of the many, many businesses looking to create a connection with your customer, you need to make sure to test that connection prior to, during and after going live!

Having a mobile app is becoming the norm in establishing an online presence. Whatever industry you are in, a dedicated and customized app that features all the products and services you offer will provide a boost to your marketing efforts.

A mobile app also brings you closer to your customers by providing quick, easy and user-friendly access to your offers.

But how do you measure its overall effectiveness?  Does it really establish a more solid connection with your target audience?  With our help, you can determine the difference in the level of customer experience your brand provides before, during, and after you launch your mobile app.

new product development for increased profitability


Businesses are expected to have online channels where customers can look for more information, contact the company with feedback, make inquiries and place orders. This channel should be treated with the same level of importance as the physical interactions that take place in brick and mortar. You have to accurately measure the UX you provide to online users and determine whether you’re delivering to expectations or need to tweak some areas for improvement.

Most businesses are incorporating online and delivery experience into their offerings. However, you choose to execute – whether in-house or via a third party – you should always continue to measure the customer experience in these areas. These insights can drive your brand to new heights, or allow the competition to gain a competitive edge. Make sure you stay ahead of the curve.

Read more about our groundbreaking Food on Demand Study and the annual SeeLevel HX Annual Drive-Thru Study.

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Long, boring surveys are long gone.  Consumers are looking for opportunities for interaction when providing feedback because it feels more personal.

Our job as a market research and mystery shopping company is to formulate feedback programs that dig deeper into consumer and employee responses. Rather than just scratching the surface with yes-no questions, we utilize the right tools that will help us identify consumer behavior and characteristics and answer the deeper questions at hand.

SeeLevel HX has extensive knowledge and experience conducting thorough market research and analysis.  As one of the most trusted market research companies in the United States, we help our clients gain an edge over their competitors through insightful reporting and highly-effective CX programs.

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