Our Pulse product is a value offering that collects the essential data points around restaurant operations. The Pulse program is a standard and focused on-site mystery shopping questionnaire that captures data in either the drive-thru or the walk-in environment with a focus on the key behaviors essential to customer service.


Pulse is designed with our annual QSR drive-thru study in mind and its standardized format further builds out the normative database of QSR restaurant performance that SeeLevel has been constructing. This means that for the first time, a QSR operator can learn not only about the essentials of their own performance but also track how they are performing against normative industry data.
We have designed the questionnaire and program to serve as an advance warning system for operators. A change in performance could well mean it’s time for a deeper dive into whatever the challenge may be.


The investment for Pulse is only $17 a shop, making it an affordable, advanced data system that delivers monthly feedback on the company’s performance.

Here are the program’s parameters:

  • Focussed format – 13 questions
  • All yes/no and timing questions.

The anonymized version of the data set is added to the normative database. As a Pulse customer, because you are contributing to the normative database, we will provide you with access to the combined normative dataset. This means that you will be able to easily benchmark your performance.

The minimum number of shops that can be included in the program is 1,470. If the preference is for monthly shopping, the minimum can be divided across the year or even across the quarter. And yes, if you want to add sample, the prevailing rate of $17.00 applies.
Sampling is expected to be 95% focused on urban locations and we will select the locations from a total list that you can share.
Meal reimbursement is capped at $5.00 and is in addition to the per shop fee. This means the shopper will purchase the item of their choice.