Enhance your business’ customer experience, brand loyalty and reputation with SeeLevel HX’s mystery shopping solutions.


After determining your customer experience initiatives and operational goals, meet with the SeeLevel HX experts to gain key insights and mystery shopping solutions to drive real results for your organization.

b2b & b2c mystery shopping solutions


It is easy to put mystery shopping in a box, using it only to answer standard policy questions, including whether employees wear name tags and how fast they serve customers. However, the industry has progressed over the years, moving away from traditional mystery shops and into innovative uses of people to evaluate various initiatives to “Generate ROI from Mystery Shopping,” including when organizations are:

• Considering a change in process.
• Preparing for growth.
• Increasing market share.
Maximizing customer experience.
• Ensuring risk management.
• Improving profitability.

Use our database of 792,000 human experience evaluators to realize the effectiveness of your efforts and appropriately measure the ROI of your efforts. Call 404-351-7888 or contact us online to get started with our mystery shopper solutions.

What's the ROI of Customer Experience



Mystery shoppers look for tangible items and elements on a checklist and observe whether they are present.

Customer Experience

Customers report the experiences they have when interacting with your brand across every possible channel.

Hypothesis Testing

Shoppers share their experiences before and after a change in order to monetize an initiative.

Location Mapping

Evaluators pinpoint specific areas inside or outside to ensure location accuracy across the nation to support brand personalization efforts.

Safety/Compliance Monitoring

Customers target safety, legal or compliance components to ensure employees meet specific regulations.

Usability Assessment

Secret shoppers move through an experience – generally online or on an app – and share their findings. This evaluation records the ease of use, look and feel, representation of your brand, speed and more.

mobile app and gps testing with expert solutions mystery shopping


Is your website responsive and effectively helping customers and clients get information, products and services they need? How fast does your website load on mobile devices? Ensure you don’t lose customers due to ineffective or inefficient online systems and structures by testing your mobile apps and websites through our independent contractors.

In addition, our gig workers can support your efforts to drill down accurate location mapping for business strategy. Whether you use specific locations inside malls to determine when push notifications are sent to current customers, or if you want to use location mapping outside to discover the best placements for advertisements and outside signage, rest assured knowing SeeLevel HX has people for any of your mobile app, GPS testing and location accuracy needs.

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new product development for increased profitability

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We live in the midst of a digital-focused world where consumers expect and demand constant communication and instant responses from organizations on social media and other online channels. One bad customer experience – whether online or offline – can result in a one-star review of your organization. Left unresolved, even that one review can potentially cost you many customers in the future.

Social media monitoring services can report any mentions, reviews and check-ins of your brand on online platforms such as Google, Yelp, Amazon, Facebook, TripAdvisor, The App Store and more. Stay on top of your brand reputation with easy access to daily or monthly reports of every location of your organization, from common word themes associated with your brand, to social rankings and more. Call 404-351-7888 or contact us online to monitor real-time data affecting your brand image and customer retention.

SeeLevel HX Social Media Monitoring

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In this day and age, a consistent omni-channel presence is essential to the success of your overall brand image and customer loyalty. If you can’t drive people back to a website or social media platform that meets customer expectations and matches your brand image, your overall brand reputation will decline. It doesn’t always matter the excellent in-store atmosphere, staff or brand standards your individual stores may uphold in person if you can’t match that customer experience online too.

Ensure your online presence reflects your brand appropriately by testing customer experiences on mobile devices, your website, online chats and more. Call 404-351-7888 or contact us online for more information or to start using our mystery experiences solutions today.

What is an Omni-Channel Customer Experience

market landscape mystery shopping solutions


Whether you’re considering a shift in strategy or operations, ready to identify key influencers or potential missed markets or many other business objectives, market landscaping can assist you in keeping an eye on your industry and where your organization fits in the marketplace. Gain a detailed view of your organization’s risks and opportunities through a SWOT analysis, including customer behavior, customer expectations and gaps needing to be filled in the industry.

Keeping in mind essential factors that affect your organization’s standings (including legal, social, environmental, technological, economic, political and more), SeeLevel HX experts and evaluators can analyze your position in the marketplace and support your efforts to become the industry leader. For more information, call 404-351-7888 or contact us online.

Real-Time Analytics for Mystery Shopping


We collaborate with you to answer four key questions that keep our mystery shopping solutions process simple, yet highly effective.

  1. What are your objectives? How you will use the program data drives the specific program we create.
  2. What is your best scenario? Understanding what the shopper will be asked to do from point A to point Z is very important in crafting the best program for your business.
  3. What is on your questionnaire? Understanding the scenario also allows us to work with you to craft the type of questionnaire that is going to give you the most accurate operational evaluation.
  4. How can SeeLevel HX serve you? We drive our clients’ success through our highly consultative approach and it’s important for us to understand where we can best serve you.

What happens next? SeeLevel HX will outline a plan of action for your business that includes a timeline, final survey and the program launch date. Read more about the SeeLevel HX process »

SeeLevel HX Process Infographic

competitive analysis mystery experiences solutions


Compete fearlessly in your ever-growing industry with SeeLevel HX’s competitive analysis services. The strategic research and competitive intelligence offered through this service answer imperative information regarding your rival organizations.

• Who exactly are your competitors?
• What are each of their market shares?
• What strategies have they or are they currently using?
• What media and advertising platforms do they utilize?
• What threats and opportunities do your competitors present to you?

From conducting consistent competitive analyses (monthly, quarterly or annually), you gain the appropriate context to formulate growth plans and business strategies. Stay ahead of your competition and get started with our mystery experiences solutions. Call 404-351-7888 or contact us online.

Improving the customer experience is a continual process

beyond expert solutions mystery shopping


Completing tasks only humans can do, our network of 792,000 human experience evaluators can assist with your objectives, from gaining a competitor analysis and market landscape to social media monitoring and mobile app testing.

But SeeLevel HX is not just a mystery shopping company. We encourage organizations to get creative with their potential use of our gig workers. Do you need to get the word out about an upcoming event? We have people for that. Are you looking to gain attention at a certain location or event? We have people for that.

Below are just a few innovative ways our field force can be or has been used.

• Advertising.
• Artificial intelligence database building.
• Flash mobs (spontaneous group performances).
• Floor plan audits.
• Funding verification.
• Generating a buzz at or for events.


Creative business ideas beyond mystery shopping

Ready to get creative and go beyond mystery shopping?