SeeLevel HX Consultation

We meet with your management team to fully understand organizational goals, key stakeholders and your current CX initiatives. We ask the hard questions and deliver real answers at this time. Our ultimate goal is to get everyone laser-focused on successfully completing the last phase of the customer journey.

SeeLevel HX Initial Assessment

Our HX assessment provides more than just x-data analyses. We provide human experience program recommendations that uncover what is missing from your customer experience solutions. We will quickly deliver your roadmap to driving experiences that are unsurpassed. With the right program you can move beyond the analytics to taking action on the CX feedback that only humans can provide.

Development Process

We collaborate with you to answer 4 key questions that keeps our process simple, yet highly effective.

  1. What are YOUR objectives? How you will use the program data drives the specific program we create.
  2. What is YOUR best scenario? Understanding what the shopper will be asked to do from point A to point Z is very important in crafting the best program for your business.
  3. What is YOUR questionnaire? Understanding the scenario also allows us to work with you to craft the type of questionnaire that is going to give you the most accurate operational evaluation.
  4. How can SeeLevel serve YOU? We drive our clients’ success through our highly consultative approach and it’s important for us to understand where we can best serve you.

What happens Next? SeeLevel HX will outline a plan of action for your business that includes a timeline, final survey and the program launch date.

HX Survey Design and Consulting

Project Directors, who have years of industry experience, partner with you to design and implement HX surveys in perfect alignment with your needs and requirements. The survey will capture both qualitative and quantitative data in real time. Consultation includes everything from the design of an original survey tool, including the right open-ended questions, to advice on editing an existing survey.

SeeLevel HX Program Launch

From your program launch to its successful completion, we continually identify opportunities to drive improvement so you deliver on your brand promise. Our army of mystery shopping experts are the best in the industry. Your launch comes with online support 24/7. Our panel of 650,000 + independent contractors across North America gathers in-person data within their local vicinity. This is your customers’ human experience data that can only be evaluated on the ground and in person. Our expedited data gathering can happen in one week. You can now make immediate decisions that deliver a faster ROI.


Our clients come first and that’s the way we like it. After all, our message to you is a better customer connection and that begins with us.

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