Mystery Shop Reporting

The mystery shop report is vitally important to empowering management with information for course correction to drive location performance.

SeeLevel focuses on 3 critical areas on page one: CleanlinessSimplicity and Actionable Information. Managers can quickly view information on the first page and know exactly what is happening at their location.

Each subsequent page of the report delivers an easy read for your team. You can rest assured that a quick assessment can be made of all the questions and how the shopper answered. Qualitative data, from the narrative comments associated with the shop, is delivered in the same easy format. This focus on actionable intelligence allows your management to make decisions that maximize performance.

SeeLevel HX mystery shop reports include great photos, an example is show below:

If you’re a restaurant, bank, QSR, home improvement retailer, clothing retailer, car dealership, manufacturer, real estate conglomerate, or any organization looking to have quality photographs added to your mystery shop reports, contact us today.