A friend of yours directed you to this page so you could learn more about how to get paid $90 for your feedback on your visit to your local Cadillac dealership’s service department (you can take a Cadillac, Oldsmobile, Saturn, Saab, Pontiac, or Chevy into the Cadillac dealership). In order to get paid, you will need to be assigned a mystery shop on our site and fill out the survey to provide SeeLevel with your feedback on your service visit. So, below are the steps to help you register on our website and let us know who is your best friend now for referring you to assignment.

Register on this site:  www.seelevelshoppers.com

Next, tell SeeLevel who referred you.  To do that, follow the steps below:

Step 1

While logged onto the www.seelevelshoppers.com website, click on their Shopper Testing center:

Step 2

Click on “Take Test” for the Cadillac Car Owners test OR the Chevy, Oldmobile, Saturn, Saab, Pontiac test:

Step 3

Fill out the test questions. The last question on the test allows you to enter your friend’s first/last name and email address:

Step 4

Click on Finish:

Next, while you are logged onto the SeeLevel website, click on “Job Board” at the top of your SeeLevel shop log page.  This will show you ALL of SeeLevel’s shops near you:

Then find the Cadillac service shop near you on your list (you will see these shops pays $90!) and click “Self Assign” for the shop you want to complete: