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When reviewing focal points for the next year’s customer engagement and retention strategies and marketing budgets, it can be easy to zone in on the items that have a direct correlation to increasing sales. More advertising. More promotions and discounts. Less waste of products, services and resources.

But brands are beginning to learn that these direct correlations might not have the biggest impact on long-term relationships with the customers or long-term increases in sales and revenue.

Increasing customer retention rates by even just 5% can lead to increased profits by 25% to 95%.Bain & Company

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With statistics like these, it becomes obvious that brands need to focus on customer experience management. To do so, you must identify the customer journey and ask yourself questions similar to the following:

  • Where are customers falling off in the sales funnel?
  • Are customers able to easily contact you via any medium?
  • Can customers start a conversation through one platform and continue the conversation on another?
  • Are you maintaining a consistent omni-channel presence by ensuring your brand image and messaging are the same across every platform?

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SeeLevel HX is a partner to many leading QSR companies, helping them stay ahead of the competition. We design customer experience validation studies, including the following.

Immersive In-Store Experiences

If you want to increase foot traffic in your store and enhance your customer experience, you have to engage your audience. Is your store interactive, allowing customers to use all five senses to test your products and services?  Do you have in-store WiFi, chargers and other technologies to entertain and satisfy guests’ needs and wants? What about games and activities to entertain children while parents shop? Can consumers order online, pick-up in store and/or have products delivered to them? These are just a few questions of hundreds that you can answer in order to create an immersive in-store experience and improve your customer engagement and retention strategies.

improve the customer experience with an engaging in-store experience
customer experience includes consistent branding through phone call experiences

Engaging Phone Call Experiences

Having the right customer service team behind your brand is essential to engaging potential and current customers. Oftentimes, a phone call might be the one and only decision as to whether he/she does business with your company. Are the people answering your brand’s incoming calls engaging, patient and supportive? Are they carrying out your company’s policies and brand identity?

Even if you have an automated phone system in place, you can engage customers with the right voice over volume and inflection, appropriate speaking speed and the right options for your audience. Are they getting frustrated in the process of asking a question? Does it take too long for your customers to receive their answer? If they pass their correct option, is it easy to go back? Improve your customer experience management by making it easy for consumers to contact your business and receive quick responses to questions and concerns.

customer experience includes consistent branding through phone call experiences

Responsive Website & Chat Features

Younger generations have proven to shy away from the phone calls and resort to online chat features. Do your website, app and other online platforms allow for quick and easy communication via chat, push notifications and/or email?

Providing these features is an easy way to increase customer engagement and retention and allow your business to appear accessible 24/7, approachable and up to date with the latest industry trends.

online chat features help support a consistent omni-channel presence
Innovation in ordering through mobile apps and kiosks are speeding up throughput times

Interactive and Personalized Mobile App Experiences

Even with responsive websites on mobile devices, many brands are learning to offer a mobile app for smartphone users. Creating an interactive experience that is easy to navigate can lead to more loyal and returning customers. Can they upload a picture to see what a product would look like on? Can customers easily read online reviews of individual products? Is there a way to try before they buy?

To encourage more app downloads and increase customer engagement, you may also consider offering personalized discounts and incentive programs specifically for mobile app users.

Innovation in ordering through mobile apps and kiosks are speeding up throughput times


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ensure a consistent brand identity with mystery shopping programs

Matching Brand Image & Messaging

No matter which channels your brand is present on, one of the recurring questions you must ask yourself is, “Am I representing my brand in the same manner on every platform?” If you offer quality customer service in person, but consumers can’t contact you online, or they receive bad customer service over the phone, your company reputation as a whole will decrease.

While it’s important to meet your audience where they are and be present on the platforms they use, remember this – quality over quantity. If managing 6 online platforms is causing the quality of your customer service to plummet, audit your channels and your customer engagement strategy and focus in on the most important ones to your customers. Your brand will benefit in the long run when it offers the same brand image and messaging across all of its platforms.

ensure a consistent brand identity with mystery shopping programs


Through a consistent omni-channel presence, your brand will be able to create a seamless interaction for all customers on all channels. This streamlined approach will support stronger customer experience management, allowing you to close gaps in your customer service while forming longer-lasting relationships with your current client base.

Staying ahead of the competition by providing a great customer experience starts with analyzing your current CX efforts and customer retention strategies. Mystery shopping programs with secret shopping agencies allow you to evaluate your brand’s current standings, as well as those of your competition. Discover how various kinds of SeeLevel HX mystery shops (i.e., audits, customer experience, compliance monitoring and UX/UI assessment shops) can help your brand capitalize on its customer experience.

People Table Coffeeshop Hospitality Customer Employee Feedback
People Table Coffeeshop Hospitality Customer Employee Feedback


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