It starts by strengthening customer loyalty, increasing revenue and decreasing costs. For more information, download our one pager, “Generating ROI from Mystery Shopping.”


Are you asking the right questions to increase profitability through higher customer loyalty and better customer experience?

•  Are you leaving money on the table?
•  Have competitor promotions decreased your sales?
•  How much pricing flexibility do you have?
•  Are your products and services priced too high/low?

With the accurate answers discovered through pricing strategy consulting such as a successful mystery shopping program, you can learn to strengthen your pricing model and increase profits.

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Once you have completed a pricing strategy analysis and identified what areas and aspects of your business drive profits, you can then discover what to change in your logistics and operations in order to increase revenue and decrease costs. The following are just a few examples of strategies to improve profitability and drive your business forward.

Increase Staff Productivity

Implement stronger training programs and reward systems for your staff. Develop a team of brand ambassadors who are excited to sell products and identify as a part of your brand image. Encourage team members to upsell, explaining that in doing so, they are providing customers with beneficial products and services that complement the items they are already interested in.

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new product development for increased profitability

Design New Products & Services

Take your product lines to the next level and step ahead of your competition through innovation. By conducting a company pricing strategy, surveying existing and potential customers and acting on their suggestions, you just might come up with the next must-have product or service in the industry.

new product development for increased profitability

Acquire & Engage Market Intelligence

Are you reaching the right markets, and are there new markets developing that you can effectively tap into? Using pricing strategy consulting and mystery shopping services, you can find new markets to expand your business and increase revenue.

Customer Experience Strategy Best Practices
referral programs help increase profitability

Initiate a Referral Program

While acquiring new customers is a huge bonus to increasing revenue, we all also know that the acquisition process can cost up to five times more than simply focusing on customer retention. Through your retention efforts, initiate a referral program that incentivizes current customers to acquire new prospects for you.

referral programs help increase profitability


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decreasing costs improve profitability

Decrease Costs

Evaluate your vendors and suppliers regularly to ensure you are receiving the best prices and discounts. To touch back on an earlier point, you can also decrease costs by implementing training programs that reduce errors and waste from staff.

decreasing costs improve profitability

Conduct a Pricing Strategy Analysis

Where do your prices stand against your competition? Are you charging too little or too much? Are there opportunities for you to increase revenue by increasing prices without decreasing sales?


Mystery shopping can help you identify strategies to improve profitability, as well as an effective pricing structure for your business.

Why Auditing your Competitors is Vital for Business Success
Retail Audit Incentives Retailer Mystery Shopping

Reduce & Manage Inventory

Analyze which products and services are essential for your brand and which are nonessentials that can be removed from your inventory. Start a routine inventory check to evaluate what is and is not doing well for you and your business. Optimizing your inventory will help you reduce waste and decrease costs.

Retail Audit Incentives Retailer Mystery Shopping


Learn to deliver a better customer experience than your competitors, strengthen your brand loyalty and increase customer retention through a successful mystery shopping program. Higher customer loyalty leads to increased profitability and allows for a stronger pricing model.

SeeLevel HX mystery shoppers and team of experts can identify customers’ sentiments with your products and services, your employees, your current pricing model and the overall customer experience your brand provides. We can even conduct a pricing strategy analysis of the same information from your competitors for comparison.

From that data, our team can deliver actionable insights to help your business shift its efforts to increase revenue and decrease costs so you can obtain a higher profitability and step ahead of your competition.

People Table Coffeeshop Hospitality Customer Employee Feedback
People Table Coffeeshop Hospitality Customer Employee Feedback


Schedule a free consultation with SeeLevel HX experts. Through a mystery shopping program that can audit your current company pricing strategy and those of your competitors, you will begin to see opportunities for change, growth and success in your organization, allowing you to acquire higher customer loyalty and increased profitability.