Promotion Program Enhanced by Well Designed Fieldwork & Analysis


Our client in the retail space was launching a new product and wanted to ensure the promotion was supported appropriately across their entire footprint. Their new product uptake was generally in the forty percent range and they wanted to improve this number to better leverage their ROI.


SeeLevel designed a Human Experience (HX) measurement program that captured whether the supporting materials for the promotion were present and installed correctly, and whether the support teams on-site were actively engaging consumers with information about the new product.


SeeLevel HX Evaluators visited thousands of locations to report on the presence of promotional materials and evaluate the level of exposure and support for the new product. SeeLevel provided real time information to our client who was then able to pivot and correct for any misses as the promotion was rolled out.


Our client remarked that at the end of the campaign that it had been their most effective campaign to date, with a product uptake of 61%.