What is the new name?
Our new name is SeeLevel HX.  HX = Human Experience.

What does HX mean?
HX stands for “Human Experience” and is actually our recognition of you, our hundreds of thousands of mystery shopping vendors all around the continent.  Together, we provide information to our clients on the “Human Experience” at their brand.  We provide data that only a human can collect – onsite and at the point of engagement with the client and the brand.

Why SeeLevel HX?
We chose SeeLevel HX because it is exactly what we do.  We “See” interactions at the “Level” of the customer and provide information to our clients on the experience people have when engaging with their brands.  We provide data that only a Human can collect.

Why did you rebrand?
We re-branded for several reasons – for our clients, for our employees, and for our shoppers.
From a client perspective, our intention was to move away from the term “mystery shopping”.  Our research has told us that the term feels limiting to clients.  The mystery shopping industry is evolving and as a leader in the industry we need to set the tone.  Mystery shopping is no longer used only for compliance purposes – reporting on name tags and the status of restroom cleanliness.  Although vital to every operation, there are additional “big picture” uses for the same information; and there is also additional information that should be added to mystery shopping data in order to understand the full picture.

For shoppers and employees, our intention was to unify our team behind one identity.  As you know, we have spent the last year integrating the 3 legacy companies – Mystery Researchers, Insula and Beyond Hello.  Each of our 3 legacy companies has a rich history in different industries and are known for various strengths.  The strengths are complementary and our offerings together are much stronger because of it, but we have struggled with what name to use when speaking with our shoppers, what name to use on our marketing materials, and what name to use when speaking with clients.  We felt that we needed to all come together behind one identity.

Will your website change?
Yes, but don’t worry.  All historical pages will simply redirect you to our new websites. Please do update your bookmarks but rest assured that you will have plenty of time to do so.
Our client/marketing website will now become www.seelevelHX.com

Our shopper/employee website will now be www.seelevelshoppers.com .  You will still be able to access the website through your existing links for a while, but please update to the new web address asap.

Will your technology change?
No.  The software platform we use, SASSIE, will remain the same.

Will I need to sign up with you again?
No.  All shoppers will still be in our database, just as before.  Your login and password will be the same; and your entire history with us will be maintained.  It is ONLY the name that will change.  Imagine that the name of your street changed – the only thing that would be updated on the ground in your neighborhood is the street sign (in our case, the web address).  Maps would also be updated with the new name online (in this case, Google and bing, etc.) so that you end up in the right place, but the road in your neighborhood would not actually change.

Will the processes for mystery shopping remain the same?
Yes, all of our policies with regard to our mystery shoppers will remain the same.

Will I still be paid the same?
Yes, you will still be paid at the same rates (via PayPal) and with the same timing, which is the 15th of the month following the month in which you complete the work.