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The retail environment demands a high level of customer service to create a unique and desirable user experience. With this, businesses must ensure the designed CX programs are well-executed in each store.

The Retail Mystery Shopping Services We Offer:


The essence of employing a retail mystery shopping service is to assess the level of customer experience your business exercises. You want to know how your employees engage with customers on a day-to-day basis. Your staff are your brand representatives and how they treat consumers affect the way customers see your organization as a whole.

How do employees treat customers in a typical day? How about during peak hours or peak season when customers swarm the store? Do they treat regular patrons differently from newcomers? How do they deal with irate customers?

Retail mystery shopping delivers real-time data that provides valuable insight to decision makers. SeeLevel knows that time is of the utmost importance, and we quickly and effectively implement programs using a wide range of customer experience validation scenarios. The analyses, reports and dashboards enable decision-makers to make appropriate changes.

SeeLevel HX have highly-experienced mystery shoppers who can objectively assess these points and provide a customer’s perspective on your staff’s behavior and character. You can use our feedback to empower good employee behavior through a reward program or develop training courses that will bolster your CX service.

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SeeLevel HX understands retail like no other and knows how to implement industry-leading Customer Experience measurement and surveying processes. We bring decades of experience designing and executing custom programs using a wide range of tools.


SeeLevel HX offers retail mystery shopping services that can measure employee compliance at all stages of customer interaction.

We have proven our capability to deliver drastic improvements in employee compliance within a very short timeframe. Using techniques like instant rewards and positive feedback, we’ve been able to turn around the situation for our clients in a matter of weeks.

We value discretion which is why we devise programs that won’t interfere with daily operations and employee relations.

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Manpower Integrity

All your shops but one are hitting expected revenue targets. There have been reports of ethical misconduct on a number of employees on this underperforming store that lead to loss of business. What you need now is to gather solid proof before confronting them on the matter.

Our retail mystery shopping services can be used to investigate speculations indicative of fraudulent activities that lead to business loss. We can help identify the issues that cause customers to avoid doing business with your brand again.

SeeLevel HX can work directly with your human resources department in order to resolve incidents of fraud, theft, or ethical violations.

Competitive Intelligence

It’s not only your business that can be subjected to our retail mystery shopping services. SeeLevel HX offers a way to give you a comprehensive report on how your competitors are doing in terms of customer service.

Our market research service can give your business an edge by identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors. Benchmarking your performance with competing businesses can help improve your brand’s overall performance. From here, you can use what works and improve upon their shortcomings to keep you ahead of the game.

Brand inspection

It’s not only your business that can be subjected to our retail mystery shopping services. SeeLevel HX offers a way to give you a comprehensive report on how your competitors are doing in terms of customer service.

Every brand has their own operational standards that must be followed in all shops, whether they’re company-owned or franchised. Franchised stores often have brand issues that monthly or quarterly inspection from your end may miss.

SeeLevel HX’s retail mystery shopping services can be used to objectively assess brand compliance among your chain stores. Our evaluation procedures include practices on financial handling, food safety, inventory control, material promotion, and most importantly, customer service.

Ensuring brand consistency across all stores encourage compliance on standards which results in customer satisfaction.

Start Improving Your Customer Experience Today!

Retail Mystery Calling

Telephone lines are effective for venting out brand concerns. Customers feel that this communication channel enables them to directly contact the management regarding their troubles.

Part of our retail mystery shopping services delves into assessing this communication channel to ensure customer concerns are received positively.

Customer representatives are trained to handle this type of situation and we’re here to make sure they’re doing their job according to how they were trained. The way they handle irate customers, answer queries, and promote brand offers are some of the points we include in our mystery call evaluation.

Online User Experience

Websites and social media are now the main sources for getting more information about a company. They’ve also become excellent avenues for getting queries and feedback from consumers. It’s safe to say that online presence has become a major force in driving customer satisfaction.

SeeLevel HX offers retail mystery shopping services exclusively for assessing online performance and efficiency. Customers believe your business should treat physical and online interaction with the same level of importance and we’re here to help you hit those expectations.

We use the appropriate UX metrics in conducting our market research services for online channels. This enables us to identify strong areas that you can capitalize on and weak points that you have to improve for a seamless online customer experience.

Shop and Location Audit

A shop’s success doesn’t rely solely on product quality and customer service. Location and shop design both play an important factor in brand satisfaction. The colors of the wall, the lighting, the space, the arrangement of shelves, and even the scent of a store all affect customer experience.

The location and the store’s ambiance should match each other to give customers the appropriate experience they’re expecting to receive. Our retail mystery shopping service can help ensure your shops apply the right combination of these aspects.

If you’re planning to renovate your store, we can provide consumer perspective that will help you decide how to please your audience more.

Why Trust Our Market Research Services

Employing best practices

Measuring customer satisfaction is no easy task which is why we use an array of tools that can help us in our market research process. We consider a wide range of consumer perspective and scenarios in our market research to validate our analyses.

We utilize widely used metrics that capture the essence of human experience without overcomplicating it for interpretation.

Actionable insights

Our market research service doesn’t end after our mystery shoppers exit your store. It’s our responsibility at SeeLevel HX to make your CX service better through performance feedback and insightful guidance.

Aside from reliable statistics and digestible infographics, we include actionable insights in our reports which you can readily apply to your organization. You can incorporate these insights into your management decisions to create more customer-centric campaigns and products.

Timely data delivery

SeeLevel HX understands how vital time is in delivering data for decision making. Our retail mystery shopping service can be deployed even in the strictest time frame required by our clients.

We see to it that our reports are delivered in a timely manner to enable decision-makers to apply the necessary improvements the quickest time possible.

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