Secret Shoppers Confirm Market Share for Leveraged Buy-out Deal


Our client in the Private Equity space was in the near-to-final stages of making a strategic acquisition. The acquision target claimed to enjoy a market share in excess of 40%. In the absence of readily available data, the funding institution would not certify leveraged buy-out deal without hard data substantiating the market share claims.


SeeLevel designed a program that covered the ten largest regions within the acquisition target’s footprint. SeeLevel also ensured that the study was blind to prevent any bias for or against the acquisition target and a statistically valid sampling size was calculated.


Over 600 properties were visited to determine what technology was in use on-site. The fieldwork took place over just 9 days.


The results of the program substantiated the market share claims. The photographs collected served as further proof of the claims along with the blind study design and the sampling plan that was implemented. In addition, the rapid design, implementation and delivery of data meant that our client was able to close the deal within the contracted time period.