Our proprietary method of market research utilizes our Human Experience (HX) measurement program to capture on-the-ground data across a company’s entire footprint. Business Intelligence includes customer journey mapping, B2B market sizing, acquisition due diligence, longitudinal studies, brand positioning, operations improvement, employee compliance, customer experience, promotion execution, critical channel shops and more. We specifically design to your business goals, objectives, pain points and deliver the information only humans can obtain. SeeLevel HX program design will support any of your data collection needs and seamlessly integrate with your CRM platform.


We place unwavering emphasis on documenting and measuring each unique human interaction. You name it, we’ve probably done it. Our mystery shopping range from small, remote service areas, to multi-city/multi-channel shops. They’ve even included shops during snow storms in the mid-western United States. From an initial exploratory call to data collection, delivery and reporting we offer the most competitive delivery time in the industry. We are so confident in our ability to deliver excellence within your condensed timeline, we offer clients the SeeLevel HX Service Guarantee.


SeeLevel HX Evaluators conduct both qualitative and quantitative evaluations that are uploaded for immediate client review. Easy reporting with clear, concise analytics that clients easily share or integrate into larger reports. This also allows for fast incorporation of this critical human experience data into existing customer journey reports.


We go beyond just simply offering mystery shopping services and aim to be a collaborative partner invested in driving your success. By utilizing solutions aimed at operational compliance, market intelligence, competitive measurements and so much more, SeeLevel HX drives solutions that make your organization stronger, more effective and efficient at delivering the greatest possible brand experience.