Obtaining data is effortless, but knowing what to do with it isn’t as easy. We help you obtain data and interpret the information.


SeeLevel HX centers its research efforts on what we call Human Experience (HX), which refers to the experience a person will have with your brand whether they are a customer or not. In our market research process, we find that there are two main factors that drive brand loyalty and a successful human experience.

Consistent Touch Points

Any kind of communication with your customer affects the level of satisfaction they experience during and after each interaction. How well these experiences were carried out or not will appear in our CX studies.

Customer Engagement

Customers expectations are shifting and it is commonplace for them to assume each of their experiences should be personalized.  Your ability to deliver on these expectations goes a long way towards keeping them loyal to your brand.

We use tools that effectively measure both aspects. We believe that the key to making a successful and lasting brand impression is putting these two points at the center of the business operation. The results of our market research process have worked for our past clients and we have no doubt that it will do wonders for your business too.

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Market Research Competitive Intelligence Auditing Competition

Management often oversimplifies what the facts and figures tell them. They may look at the numbers themselves but then overlook the story behind them. These oversights often cause the failure of marketing campaigns and CX programs no matter how well-thought out they seemed to be.

To get a complete view of how you’re doing with regards to customer experience, you have to find the balance between measuring quantitative and qualitative data. Our market research process perfectly integrates these two types of data to give you the macroscopic and microscopic perspective of your CX efforts. Start improving your customer experience with SeeLevel HX!

Market Research Competitive Intelligence Auditing Competition


SeeLevel HX has a proprietary research process that is flexible, adaptive and quite effective in analyzing customer experience data. Our methodology is guided by four simple steps, regardless of the kind of business processes our clients have, in order to bring you actionable insights to improve your customer service success.

1. Program Design

Identifying the problem is first on the list to help us understand what we can do for your business. Defining the goals for undertaking the project enables us to develop a focused and effective research program.

Once objectives have been identified, we proceed with formulating a program design that will get us the most appropriate, accurate, and quickest solutions. SeeLevel HX utilizes its very own proprietary market research process to accurately and effectively measure human experience. Our proprietary method utilizes our Human Experience (HX) measurement program to capture on-the-ground data across a company’s entire footprint.

Market Research and Mystery Shop Program Design

We specifically design each study to your business goals, objectives and pain points; and deliver to you the information only humans can obtain. Our market research services for business intelligence encompasses the following areas:
•  Acquisition due diligence
•  B2B market mapping
•  Brand positioning
•  Critical channel shops
•  Customer experience
•  Compliance
•  Longitudinal studies
•  Operations improvement
•  Promotion execution

Our programs are designed to fit your business needs, goals and objectives in order to resolve any pain points your company is experiencing. We have a flexible market research process that can support any format of data collection and integrate with any CRM platform.

SeeLevel HX Mystery Shopping Services

2. Execution and Service

As the most crucial part of our market research process, we make sure we capture every bit of information we can get from our shoppers. Our focus is on capturing the authentic user experience. The right mix of quantitative and qualitative data gives the best results and responses from all angles are considered during data collection.

We go the extra mile in providing our market research services to our clients. We’ve probably done studies in locations and situations that our competitors would find difficult to match, all for the sake of gathering data on genuine customer experience.

We’ve traveled to remote sites, visited small towns, executed multi-city research projects, and studied multi-channel shopping experiences to obtain precious face to face data. From an initial exploratory call to data collection, delivery and reporting we offer the most competitive delivery time in the industry.  We are so confident in our ability to deliver excellence within your condensed timeline, we offer clients the SeeLevel HX Service Guarantee.

At the same time, our market research process values each and every unique human interaction we encounter. Only credible, authentic data will allow us to dive deeper into consumer experiences.

3. Real-Time Analytics

SeeLevel HX evaluates both quantitative and qualitative data to deliver a relevant, timely, and reliable report. Reports are immediately uploaded for client review.

Data gathered is condensed into clear, concise, and easy to read analytics that can \readily be shared across your organization or integrated into larger reports. You can incorporate our data on human experience into existing customer journey reports you have. This will help pinpoint your areas of strength in customer service delivery.

Real-Time Analytics for Mystery Shopping

From the initial exploration phase to actual data collection and reporting, no other market research company in the industry matches the delivery time of SeeLevel HX.  Our ability to deliver quickly allows for rapid incorporation of this critical human experience data into existing initiatives.

We have so much confidence in our ability to provide quality work within your allotted timeline that we even offer our clients the SeeLevel HX Service Guarantee.

SeeLevel HX Insights to help you generate more ROI

4. HX Insights

Our market research process doesn’t end with providing you mystery shopping data and generating reports. We go beyond these as your partner invested in driving your business towards excellence.

Our holistic solutions aim to improve operational compliance, market intelligence, and CX metrics to boost the overall performance of your business. We provide insights that will drive your organization to be more effective and efficient in delivering the best possible brand experience to consumers.

Putting up charts, tables, and graphs on organizational reports is easy. Using them to revamp current business practices is another matter. More than just laying out easily digestible data, our goal is to formulate recommendations that will address issues you are experiencing with your CX service.

SeeLevel HX will provide you with actionable insights that you can use as a guide in developing marketing campaigns, strengthening business policies, and improving your relationship with customers.


Mystery Shopping Agencies

We meet with your management team to fully understand organizational goals, key stakeholders and your current CX initiatives. We ask the hard questions and deliver real answers at this time. Our ultimate goal is to get everyone laser-focused on successfully completing the last phase of the customer journey.

Mystery Shopping Agencies


Project Directors, who have years of industry experience, partner with you to design and implement HX surveys in perfect alignment with your needs and requirements. The survey will capture both qualitative and quantitative data in real time. This phase includes everything from the design of an original survey tool, including the right open-ended questions, to advice on editing an existing survey.

SeeLevel HX Survey Design


Secret Shopping Customer' Perspective Woman Smartphone

Following an assessment of your organization, we will provide human experience program recommendations that uncover what is missing from your customer experience solutions. We will quickly deliver your roadmap to driving experiences that are unsurpassed. With the right program, you can move beyond the analytics to taking action on the CX feedback that only humans can provide.

Secret Shopping Customer' Perspective Woman Smartphone


From your program launch to its successful completion, we continually identify opportunities to drive improvement so you deliver on your brand promise. Our army of mystery shopping experts are the best in the industry. Your launch comes with online support 24/7.

Our panel of 792,000 + independent contractors across North America gathers in-person data within their local vicinity. This is your customers’ human experience data that can only be evaluated on the ground and in person. Our expedited data gathering can happen in one week. You can now make immediate decisions that deliver a faster ROI.

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Market research is a never-ending process since trends and business landscapes continue to change. Consumers are evolving and your business must grow alongside them or risk being left behind.

Our market research services will keep you up-to-date to ensure your business stays relevant to consumers expectations and remains ahead of your competitors in the industry.

There will always be new responses, preferences, and expectations that need to be addressed. There’s no place for laggards in a highly-competitive industry. Failing to recognize that industries and people continually evolve is a surefire way to get knocked out of the race.

We’ve executed on our market research process for countless clients already. We’ve changed their customer service practices for the better and we can do the same for you.  See how the most successful organizations utilize the wealth of information they harness from mystery shopping programs.

Improving the customer experience is a continual process

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