SeeLevel HX EVP Laura Livers

Laura Livers


Laura Livers joined SeeLevel HX in July 2021, bringing a wealth of experience in customer experience utilizing a myriad of research methodologies.

Prior to joining SeeLevel HX, Laura served as the EVP, US Qualitative Solutions for Schlesinger Group following the acquisition of Focus Pointe Global, where she had served as Chief Executive Officer. Laura has led the successful integration of the eight companies and panels to deliver one seamless, exceptional brand experience for clients. She believes in the power of data and is passionate about empowering her team to help clients bring the voice of the customer into the boardroom. Her objective is simply to provide the world’s best service offering through intelligent recruitment, world-class project management, compliance excellence, and trusted relationships.

Laura’s expertise in marketing research and data collection includes partnering with all types of researchers, including insights providers, brand and consulting agencies, and Fortune 500 companies. Prior to joining Focus Pointe Global in 2009, Laura served as President of mystery shopping firm Shop‘n Chek Worldwide, now MarketForce.

Specialties: Leadership, M&A/Acquisitions, Strategic Planning, Operations, P&L/Budgeting, Sales & Marketing, Quality Assurance, Personnel & Performance management