Strategic Alliances Win Wars

Battle Strategy - Restaurant Partnership - 2019 food on demand study

By now you have reviewed the 2019 Food on Demand Study results, but what are you doing with the information? Where do you go from here?

Let’s face it. Things go wrong. But, the 2019 Food on Demand Study showed that a whopping 51% of respondents have had a negative experience. It is understandable because FOD is such a new and rapidly evolving industry, but that doesn’t take away from the customers’ frustrations. 51% is a huge number, and it is in the best interest of all stakeholders to improve it. But how?



Strategic alliances are key here. When there’s a negative experience, customers can be left frustrated. And we all know that it is easier to retain customers than to get new ones. In this case, both the delivery company and the restaurant risk losing that consumer. Respondents tell us that they do assign blame for specific negative experiences (i.e., hot food was cold, food was late, etc.) to either the restaurant or delivery service – and sometimes to both. But they are not always right, and both parties can be the victim of the other’s mistakes or the beneficiary of goodwill.

By working together, you can help each other identify flaws in logistics and close gaps in the customer journey.

  • Did the restaurant make the food too early, or was the driver late?
  • Were there multiple deliveries on an already delayed trip?
  • Were there not enough available drivers during a busy time?
  • Should the restaurant have halted new orders in order to meet existing demands?

Again, this is not about blame. It’s about working together to win the war for the customer. Pick your partner well, and everyone will benefit when the consumer has a good experience.

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