SeeLevel is your data collection expert. Whatever, whenever, wherever you need data collected on your brand, an industry or your competitors we are there to build a robust program to fit your unique needs and impact your business in a positive way. Please see our programs below and our outside the box approach to each. Click on Learn More for a SeeLevel representative to walk you through our programs, including a live demo of amazing online reporting.  


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We sent the mystery shopping cookie-cutters packing a long time ago. Our programs are fresh, unique, and built outside-the-box, so your business has a new look on all of the departments driving your success. Our online reporting wastes no time telling you where you need to focus to improve the aspects of your business that are most dire and we'll send it directly to you via email.


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Execution is everything. Some audits & incentives programs are more successful than others and the difference comes down to just that - execution. How is the program planned? How is it fielded? What are the true offerings? All of this will be different according to the organization who creates your program. If you ask how our programs perform, the answer is simple: we drove a compliance increase of more than 30% for one of the largest coffee brands in the entire world in just 6-weeks.


Customer experience is only one way you compete. Do you know how your pricing compares to your competition? Do you know if your pricing is consistent across regions? Do you know how your menu compares? Our programs give you the opportunity to have this and so much more at your fingertips. Make the best decisions for your brand by having concrete data for all areas of your business. 


You're no doubt incorporating online and delivery experience into your deliverables as a brand. However you execute these two mediums, whether in-house or via 3rd party, you should always initially measure and continue to measure the experience that is had by your customers in these areas. These can drive your brand to new heights, or allow the competition to gain a competitive edge. Make sure you stay ahead of the curve. 


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The world shows no signs of becoming less competitive, in fact, quite the opposite. Competition has never been as stiff as it is today, as layered, as complex and as integral to your success. Understanding what your competitors are doing, when they're doing it, what their costs are and how they are executing their vision, will be the difference between whether you succeed or not.   


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Everyone does their due diligence, but how much do you know about the company you're attempting to acquire, merge with or partner? You may understand their books, but do you understand their customers' perspective? Are you buying a dying brand, but the numbers don't show that yet? Engage in a market intelligence program with SeeLevel and we'll evaluate your acquisitions' customer experience, staff performance, consumer insight and competitors like you've never seen before.


Technology has no doubt taken your business by storm, and one of those areas is likely to be an app. Whether you're a retail clothing organization, a QSR brand, a financial institution, a venture capital firm or one of the many, many businesses looking to create a connection with your customer, make sure you test that connection prior, during and after going live. 


Surveys are not where it's at any longer. We're in a day and time where you should be opening a dialogue with your customer, rather than a one-way feedback tool. Our forward-thinking approach to feedback from both your consumer and your staff is about getting below the surface to what resides in the subconscious responses those answering may not even be aware that they are. Using the right tools in the right ways will get you far. 


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Our clients come first and that's the way we like it. After all, our message to you is a better customer connection and that begins with us. 

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