SeeLevel HX Announces Support for The Global Good Fund

Seelvel hx supports the Global Good Fund

SeeLevel HX, a leading market research and mystery shopping company, announced today its support of The Global Good Fund (GGF), a nonprofit social enterprise built by social entrepreneurs, to elevate the nonprofit’s fundraising efforts.

For the last three years, GGF has run a Giving Tuesday campaign, coined #DonateSmall, to showcase how a little bit of money has the power to go a long way. Donations are invested among hundreds of social entrepreneurs solving all of society’s most pressing issues.

Female-owned and mission-aligned entrepreneurs Lisa van Kesteren of SeeLevel HX and Carrie Rich of GGF joined forces this year to augment giving during the 2019 holiday season.

“As an entrepreneur myself, I am pleased to partner with a woman-led organization that supports other entrepreneurs. The Global Good Fund supports many different lines of work, so there is no limit to the causes to which we are giving back. Carrie and her team help spread the ‘win’ across many categories – entrepreneurs, females, veterans, and social causes alike.” SeeLevel HX CEO Lisa van Kesteren

SeeLevel HX is comprised of hundreds of thousands of mystery shopping entrepreneurs, many of which have expressed interest in supporting other entrepreneurs helping various societal causes, from healthcare and poverty, to equality and education.

“It’s really neat to see SeeLevel HX engaging its team to deliver social impact globally. This is a new model of partnership for GGF, and I’m thrilled to join forces with a company dedicated to our shared values.”The Global Good Fund CEO and Co-Founder Carrie Rich

With SeeLevel HX’s vast network and entrepreneurial mindset, van Kesteren and Rich wholeheartedly believe this partnership will help GGF reach its campaign-wide goal of $20,000 by December 3, 2019 with $0.50, $1 and $5 individual donations. For more information, or to support the #DonateSmall campaign, visit https://us.commitchange.com/dc/washington/the-global-good-fund/campaigns/donatesmall-seelevel-hx_001.