We measure and validate your Customer Experience

In a retail environment that is increasingly focused on creating a unique customer experience, it's more important than ever to make sure the designed experience is executed well in each store.  Retail mystery shoppers are the most effective way to provide ongoing insights into shop-level performance and compliance.

On-site Mystery Shoppers Verify In-Store Customer Experience

Retail mystery shoppers deliver real-time data that provides valuable insight to decision makers.  SeeLevel knows that time is of the utmost importance, and we quickly and effectively implement programs using a wide-range of customer experience validation scenarios. The analyses, reports and dashboards enable decision makers to make appropriate changes.


Employing Best Practices in Measuring Customer Satisfaction

SeeLevel HX understands retail like no other and knows how to implement industry-leading Customer Experience measurement and surveying processes.  We bring decades of experience designing and executing custom programs using a wide range of tools.


Retail Mystery Shopping Audit to Gauge and Analyze Employee Compliance

SeeLevel offers a variety of mystery shopper services to measure employee compliance at all stages of the shopping experience.  We have a proven track record of delivering significant improvements in compliance over very short periods of time using instant rewards and positive feedback.  In addition, SeeLevel understands the need to approach such interactions with team members discretely with feedback ready for those team members who comply with company rules and procedures.  

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