[Study Release] QSR Menu Board Design Optimization

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The 2019 Menuboard Survey Report conducted by SeeLevel HX and King-Casey cracks the menuboard mystery for QSR and fast-casual restaurants, as QSR magazine’s Danny Klein points out in his latest article.

Many restaurant operators focus on streamlining the ordering process by focusing on buzzwords like delivery, mobile, integration and ghost kitchens. However, with 56% of customers influenced by the menuboard and 74% stating that an easy-to-read menuboard is a top priority, the study suggests that executives could look for improvements by optimizing their menu board design.

At 77-unit B.GOOD, led by former Dunkin’ vet Chris Fuqua, who took over as CEO last June, the brand said it improved sales and made service leaders more effective by simplifying the look and feel of menuboards. Fuqua added the change propelled B.GOOD’s line and speed of service.Danny Klein, QSR magazine

In addition, Klein points out various brands that are decluttering their menu board layouts by cutting combo meals in half or minimizing the number of price points offered.

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