This is your exclusive SeeLevel HX Page!

What does it mean to be a part of this elite premier shopper group?

  • As one of our exclusive “Premier Shoppers”, we are only offering this to you initially as another in the long list of “Premier Shopper” benefits.
  • What are the “Premier Shopper” benefits?
  • Premier shopper status gives you exclusive early access to some of our best shops, including phone shops, food shops and more.
  • Our Premier shoppers are the first ones contacted when there is a bonused shop in their area.
  • Premier Shoppers are offered early access and sometimes even exclusive access to new programs.
  • Premier Shoppers have the opportunity to be early adopters on highly desirable initiatives such as this one.


How does the SeeLevel Debit Card work?

  • For each month in which you are eligible for payment, instead of your money being deposited to a PayPal account, it will be sent directly onto the SeeLevel Debit Card which you are then able to use instantly.
  • Check your balance via the Money Network app or the website for free (do not check balances at an ATM).
  • Free check cashing at any Walmart (you can also receive free checks on the account if you wish).
  • You will be able to withdraw money from any All Point Network ATM (45,000 ATM’s nationwide) with no fee.
    • Walgreens, CVS, Target, Costco and 7-11 are just some of the retailers that features All Point ATM’s.
  • The card may be  used as a debit card at any retailer and you not be charged a fee (note: you must use it as a signature sale transaction and NOT a PIN sale transaction or you will be charged a fee).


How does this benefit you as a shopper?

  • The primary benefit is instant access to your money.  As soon as the payment is made, you can immediately use your debit card at any retailer or ATM; or you can use one of your free checks at Walmart to simply withdraw the cash.  You will no longer have to wait 2-3 days for PayPal to transfer the money to your checking account!


Are there any fees associated with the account?

  • There are no fees attached to the account as long as you are paid once during every 6-month period (no fees assessed during first 6-months) OR as long as you utilize your card during every 6 month period.
  • If your account is not utilized for 6-months, a $4.95 fee is assessed. but only if there is a balance in the account. If you are either regularly shopping for us or you remove all cash from the account, you will not be assessed a fee.


What happens if my card is lost or stolen?

  • Since the card functions like a debit card it requires a pin for all uses.  This helps protect your account and your money.  If your card is lost or stolen, you will have a 1-800 for Money Network to be able to call and have a new card sent to you.