National Coverage Results In On-Demand Data

Our client in the financial services space was interested in the various types of payment technologies in use at various merchants, their effectiveness at POS and their acceptance levels. The types of technologies under consideration ranged from debit and credit mag swipe - to EMV - to contactless payment. The challenge for them was learning by merchant and by geography the types of technology used, often with no lead time.

SeeLevel designed a Human Experience (HX) measurement program that covered the nation – from Key West, FL to Kodiak Island, AK. Using our panel of 650,000 HX Evaluators and overlaying the payment types they already own, we designed a rapid deployment program so that our client is able to collect payment information immediately.

Our turn-key program allows our client to initiate inquiries into new market conditions in high volumes in just a matter of days. They are able to specify payment type, payment threshold limits and markets in which to deploy resources.

We provide an on-going feed of market conditions, oftentimes providing answers to questions that were raised less than a week prior. The photographs collected, plus the supporting documentation, all deliver a well rounded picture of merchants, technologies, geographies and overall market conditions.
SeeLevel HX gets inside of the experiences delivered by your brand, your main competitors and your industry as a whole, to identify what truly sets you apart and ensures that your customers become the loyal advocates that continue to drive your brand’s ongoing growth and success.
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