Data Delivered Within the Time it Normally Takes to Write an RFP

Our client was facing a legal challenge to a decision they had implemented. They needed to gather data so as to understand whether there was merit to the legal challenge as well as to help prepare their defense. The call came in on Friday and they needed the data fast!

SeeLevel designed a Human Experience (HX) measurement program that focused on the geography in question. Over the weekend we designed and programmed the data collection tools to gather the appropriate information AND deployed our HX Evaluators.

Our HX Evaluators began data collection on Monday, and by Friday had already completed over 900 in-person evaluations.

The following Monday our client received a summary report as well as all the data, cleaned and tabbed for further analysis. This meant our client was able to provide a legal response and they were also able to change some of the conditions that had arisen.  From start to finish –  the project took only ten days.
SeeLevel HX gets inside of the experiences delivered by your brand, your main competitors and your industry as a whole, to identify what truly sets you apart and ensures that your customers become the loyal advocates that continue to drive your brand’s ongoing growth and success.
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