Improving The Customer Experience
Through Market Research and
Mystery Shopping Services

Do you use your customer experience to differentiate?

No matter what industry you’re in – the customer experience is what sets you apart from your competitors. Delivering on your carefully designed and curated brand promise is critical for your brand’s long term success and profitability.

Customer experience has become a significant factor in differentiating one brand from another. It’s even considered to be on the same level as product quality, which is why it’s important that you pay close attention to this aspect of your business operations.

SeeLevel HX is a leader in mystery shopping to improve your customer experience.

At SeeLevel HX we are true customer experience experts. Every year our mystery shoppers collect more than 250,000 unique shopping experiences in person and on site at the point of sale.

Customer experience is highly valued by your patrons now that the goods and services offered by different brands are comparable in quality. Your customer’s experience affects your brand’s profitability and market share; and plays a significant role in setting your business apart from the competition.

SeeLevel HX helps organizations attain and maintain a high level of customer service in their day-to-day operations. We’re equipped with the tools needed to understand the experience of your customers and gather relevant information that will give you an edge over your competitors.

Are You Curious About How Mystery Shopping Can Improve Your Customer Experience?

Why do so many U.S. brands choose us?

Every year, more than 250,000 of our secret shoppers work with the most popular brands in North America. Our market research capabilities are used by businesses to assess compliance levels, measure the efficiency of newly launched products and marketing campaigns, and rate the customer service provided to everyday consumers.

Our shoppers work across North America on projects in virtually every industry, including Financial Services, Automotive, Retail, Quick Service Restaurants (QSR), and Fast Casual Restaurants.  Seelevel HX has the reach and experience to execute your project.

Do you need a specific type of mystery shopper?

With over 650,000 mystery shoppers in our network, we can tailor-make your market research program according to your business objectives. You can select the gender, income level, ethnicity, spending habits, or age group you want to test your new product or service and we’ll provide you with people that fit your criteria. Better yet, let us formulate the most appropriate combination suitable to your goals and make things easier on your end.

seelevel hx segmentation
SeeLevel HX mystery shopping reporting

Easy to read analysis leads to quicker business decisions.

Our market research efforts do not end after our mystery shopper leaves your store. We file complete reports that are reviewed and evaluated by professional data analysts. These reports are streamlined and presented with easy to read infographics highlighting the strengths of your business and the areas that need improvement. In addition to this, we offer actionable insights that will improve the quality of service you provide to customers.

Operational excellence drives faster results.

With our agile research methodology, we conduct programs quicker and with more efficiency than any of our competitors in the industry. We launch programs in as little as 2 weeks and have data ready for review within 48 hours.

Do you want to gain a competitive advantage?

What benefits can you expect using mystery shoppers for market reseacrh?

SeeLevel HX’s mystery shopping and market research will help you understand your customers journey more thoroughly and guide you to delivering service they will surely remember. We use the appropriate metrics and tools to effectively measure customer experience and interpret data in meaningful ways.

And we’re not done yet!  There are many other benefits in addition to the insightful reports on customer experience we will develop for your business.

  • Gain confidence in your business decisions

Many business owners think that customer experience is unmeasurable and can’t be factored into analyzing profitability. We have proof that it is indeed possible and in fact must be considered vital in measuring a brand’s success.

The results of our market research will give you the hard facts you can use to back your business decisions with conviction. You’ll be more confident to implement marketing campaigns. launch new products and make operational changes because you will know exactly what is happening on the ground every day with your customers.

  • Build a lasting relationship with customers

Seeing things from your customer’s perspective allows you to clearly discern what your clientele are looking for and deliver that experience. People love it when they feel important, and you show them exactly that when you spend the time and effort to understand what they need.

Together with the data from our market research, you’ll be able to develop more user friendly products and continually move your services toward a more customer-centric approach. Knowing your target audience’s expectations gives you the opportunity to adapt your customer service to make the highest impact.

  • Learn from your competitors

Market research isn’t limited to studying your customers alone. You can also use it to investigate your competitors.  Learn about their sales pitch, marketing, pricing, and customer journey. Leverage this information to adjust your business to take advantage of their weaknesses and double down on your strengths.

  • Spot business opportunities

In-depth market research allows you to identify emerging trends in customer behavior and spending patterns, helping you decide whether to expand product offerings, move into new categories, implement new up-sell or cross sell opportunities – all in order to maximize profits.

  • Personalize your engagements

Personalizing your engagements with customers and giving them the extra attention they are seeking from your brand can help to relieve pricing pressures and aid in customer loyalty. By knowing them better, you benefit from being able to provide the contextually relevant products and services they want.

  • Put data into action

Market research on customer experience doesn’t end when a purchase has been made, a survey has been filled out, or feedback has been given. In fact, research won’t amount to anything without a corresponding plan to take advantage of what you learned.

Our market research strategy makes full use of the customer journey experience to understand what is being delivered at the point of sale and how it is being perceived by customers. We understand the importance of each touch point on the customer experience map. This enables us to aid you in analyzing the findings and suggesting potential changes that improve customer loyalty and service efficiency.

  • Grow organizational practices

The goal is not only to improve how customers are served but also to  allow customer-centric practices to penetrate business operations. We help companies increase customer conversions, improve retention, and retain brand loyalty.  We do this by analyzing business practices that you can then apply internally to embody your consumer-oriented vision for the organization.

Are you ready to measure your customer experience?

Competitive Intelligence Compretition Analysis Secret Shopping
seelevel hx conducts studies regarding the restaurant drive-thru experience
Innovation in ordering through mobile apps and kiosks are speeding up throughput times
capitalize on the customer experience with Seelevel HX - a Market Research Company

Examples of Industries We Serve

Retail Mystery Shopping Services

Retailers are facing many challenges these days – keeping their customers engaged, pricing pressures, new entrants to the market and the entire world of “on demand”. They must continuously look for ways to address consumer needs and exceed brand expectations. There’s no better way to understand these pressures in real-time than having secret shoppers provide objective feedback.

Seelevel HX works for major retailers and brands. Take a look at some of our retail mystery shopper case studies that cover everything from customer service, to brand standards, to compliance and much more.

QSR and Restaurant Mystery Shopping Services

We also serve major establishments in the food industry. We help them identify what’s working and what needs to be improved with their menus and menu boards, pricing and its sensitivities, front counter, drive-thru and on demand services, and of course adherence to brand best practices.

We’ve conducted numerous proprietary studies, including the Annual QSR Drive-thru Mystery Shopping Study with QSR Magazine and the Food-on-Demand studies. Our restaurant case studies include successful projects that helped our clients improve order accuracy, speed up drive through times and increase pricing in certain regions of the country.

Financial Services Due Diligence

We’re proud to say that we excel in gathering information and conducting due diligence on virtually every aspect of a business.  We are able to ensure that their brand excels in their product offering, is compliant with regulations, and evaluate adherence to best practices.

The financial services world is undergoing a whirlwind of changes with regulations changing almost daily.  Mystery shopping services can serve as a practical and timely way to monitor compliance and reward good behaviors.

PE companies looking for buy side due diligence support use Seelevel HX for fast answers!  We excel at designing innovative approaches to gathering information, from on-site inspection of prospective locations to market share confirmation or validation, shelf space, product availability, competitive pricing and more.

Our agile research approach makes us a perfect partner for an acquisition team seeking a commanding edge, whether to validate an investment thesis or simply provide due diligence on a potential investment.


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