(Up)Selling The Kitchen Sink - Manufacturer Supports Retailer Training Program


Our client sells luxury bathroom and kitchen products through a network of distributors. This client has products that can retail well above $50,000.00. While the client has significant experience in the space and understands their consumer, their challenge is to serve as not only a manufacturer to their retail partners, but also as a partner, coaching them to increase sales. The concept of a rising tide raises all ships definitely applies here.

In the bathroom and kitchen appliance industry, a large percentage of the distributors started their careers off as plumbers’ apprentices. As they succeeded, their experience journey generally saw them become a licensed plumber and the savvy business people saw an opportunity in selling off any excess inventory that they may have held. Some of these entrepreneurs started buying wholesale and then selling on to the trade. Ultimately they would also open their business to the general public. As they experienced success, their store front and selling space would grow along with their associations with manufacturers offering much higher priced, luxury products.

These successful entrepreneurs now faced the challenge of selling to a new a demographic and updating their customer service model. Many had simply maintained the opening hours they had for the trade and in many cases used the same selling teams that were scheduled around trade hours versus consumers.


The manufacturer asked SeeLevel to design a customer experience management and behavior change program to support its dealers. Our program helped highlight were the customer experience was lacking and then coached the distributors how to change the customer-facing behavior of its workforce to be be more tuned into their luxury focussed buyers. The Seelevel program addressed all customer facing aspects of the business including staff scheduling, customer welcoming behaviors, customer needs assessment and customer expectation management. Specific sales feedback was also given around requesting the sale, appropriate follow up and closing behavior.


Our client reports that the annual project investment is recuperated by just a single sale per year from each of their distributors!