How to Manage Your QSR’s Multichannel Future Now

Innovation in ordering through mobile apps and kiosks are speeding up throughput times

Traditional QSRs only had two channels — in-restaurant and drive-thru ordering. Mobile apps are adding new layers to the mix, ranging from order-and-pay-from-the-app to home delivery options. Food on demand is also a player in the mix, bringing third-party operators into the equation.

Our CEO, Lisa van Kesteren, recently shared with QSRWeb the importance of monitoring and managing the multi-channel consumer experience to build a winning strategy.

From the article:

“Many, if not most, walk-in customers do visit a QSR brand with the expectation of directly connecting with that brand’s experience. That’s why the needs of both of these QSR customer groups must be considered, from convenience- and automation-seekers on one end of the spectrum, to those in search of human interaction and personal attention on the other. The best solutions balance the needs of all audiences, without alienating anyone.

Achieving that kind of balance means dealing with realities like the fact that most actual walk-in customer standing in front of a brand’s employee will probably be served before the FOD customer unless there are processes and training that say otherwise.”

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