As customer choices and channels grow so does the importance in setting your customer experience, your Human Experience, apart from all competitors. In order to deliver on your brand promise, you must identify the human experience that impacts the customer journey. SeeLevel HX is the industry thought leader on collecting the human data component of CX management. Being Client-Centric is not just jargon for us. Each client relationship is valued and their needs remain our priorities. Their programs are customized for their business alone. We threw the cookie cutters out long ago.

Why SeeLevel HX?


HX Evaluators (Shoppers)

Reflecting Customers' Voice

The SeeLevel HX database is filled with a wide variety of shoppers nationwide. These HX Evaluators make up different demographic groups and can be reported on by as many filters as your brand requires.


Our network has an unrivaled level of experience, leading to a talent-level as high as any organization in our industry today. We take the most successful producers and push them to the front of the line, in order to drive highly accurate data gathered from your business sphere and beyond.


Your customers don't come from simply a single demographic, so if you're looking to measure customer experience, you need the ability to tap into a larger, more diverse network of individuals who more accurately represent your customer base. SeeLevel strives to provide a diverse level of representation for you.


Our network is filled with professional individuals who are part of the everyday business world they are entrusted to measure. Given their professionalism, you can count on reports that are highly detailed, accurately completed, and submitted in a time period that allows you to react quickly when needed.

Delivering Thought Leadership on the Human Experience

Our Experience

Learn about the SeeLevel HX team delivering thought leadership on the human experience.

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Proven Solutions Easily Integrate with Existing CX Platforms


SeeLevel HX has proven solutions that easily integrate with your existing CX platforms. Let’s capture human experiences that complete the customer journey and deliver on your brand promise.

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