4 Keys to Designing a Successful Healthcare Secret-Shopper Strategy

Mystery shopping can help businesses and organizations gain more traction in the marketplace. Though better-known in retail, healthcare organizations that are looking to boost their customer experience efforts can also use secret shoppers to monitor their performance and find out how to make improvements that keep people in the system.

SeeLevel HX’s Chief Client Officer and Partner was recently interviewed by Strategic Health Care Marketing and shared 4 keys to design a secret-shopper strategy for healthcare.

From the article:

““Mystery shopping gives you a good objective mirror of what is really happening,” he says. For instance, you may get data from customer surveys that show people are particularly delighted with your service at one location, but you may not know exactly what is working. Are staff members calling your patients by name? Are they offering them a glass of water? It’s important to find out what is working so you can make sure to continue using this method and then be able to share it with other locations where the service isn’t receiving the same high marks.”

Read the entire interview here.