SeeLevel is proud to be partnering with QSR ® magazine as we revitalize the QSR Drive-thru Study. 

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2017 QSR Drive-thru Study Information

We conducted more than 1,900 visits across 14 brands for this year's study!

Brands being measured: 10 top national brands & 4 emerging drive-thru brands

Total visits: More than 1,900 (averaging 165 per top 10 national brand)

Day part focus: 60% on lunch, except Dunkin & Starbucks, each receiving 60% of shops during breakfast

Dates data collected: May through August

Data points: Average Service Time, Service Attributes, Order Accuracy, Menu Boards, Suggestive Sell, & much more!

Mobile Payments / App / Ordering, Caloric Content Posting, Pricing & Drive-thru design


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You don’t have to participate or add any sample to the study, whether you’re a participating brand or not.  Simply purchase the gathered data outright and we will send it directly to you upon October publication in QSR ® magazine.

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