Mystery Shopping: What’s In A Name?

In our case everything, because it is what we do. The programs we develop help our clients see at the level of their customers. SeeLevel HX delivers customer solutions, Human eXperience data, actionable results, all adding up to measurable ROI. That HX data is the critical, qualitative research that only a human can collect. It is our proprietary measurement and reporting that includes all 5 senses, throughout the customer journey. 


Yes, you guessed it. We are those fanatical researchers who love what we do. That’s why custom HX programs are designed for every mystery shop. Our team of skilled HX Evaluators have secretly shopped a breath of industries across the United States. No matter how remote your location or how quickly you need your mystery shopping program completed, rest assured, it can be accomplished. With a highly skilled and diverse shopper panel totaling over 650,000, you will now see all levels of your human experience.  

Our Specialties

Mystery shopping, customer intercepts, consumer feedback, employee feedback, competitive intelligence, social media platforms, customer experience measurement, human experience measurement, and dashboard reporting. All programs can be expedited in as little as 2 weeks.

Our Solutions

  • Operations improvement reports and competitive intelligence
  • Qualitative and Quantitative data fast in easily digestible formats
  • In-person data collected throughout the United States
  • Critical channels shopped simultaneously
  • Portfolio company monitoring through baseline and longitudinal studies

Our Difference

This is the data that makes organizations stronger and more effective. Driving a human experience that exceeds all others is possible. Consistency in how information is collected and processed, methodological expertise, and fast turnaround, are key drivers in what makes SeeLevel HX different.

Again… What’s in a Name?

Our name says it all; we develop programs that help you see at the level of your customers. By utilizing programs such as competitive intelligence, mystery shop, consumer and employee feedback, customer intercepts, social media monitoring, in addition to many others, SeeLevel HX executes customer solutions that make your organization stronger and more effective at delivering the best brand experience possible.

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