Surveying A Mobile First World

Survey success in today’s mobile first world brings opportunity and challenge for some companies. CX data gathering on millennials absolutely requires a mobile solution. The fast-paced demands facing decision makers across all industries, from financial and PEG to QSR, retail and automotive, drives the need for mobile.

As you work to deliver the most accurate customer feedback to ensure survey integrity, your ROI is negatively impacted if you don’t optimize responses across all channels. Tweet This Mobile and geo-location solutions are available, and ever-evolving, that allow you to see at the level of your customers. Combining customer segmentation and behavior factors with the ability to photograph and record in-the-moment shop data delivers deeper insights. in a specific location.

CX data Insights for Mobile

Make your surveys SHINE

  • Short & Sweet – Questions must be short to avoid survey abandonment. The shorter the survey, the sweeter your response rate will be.
  • Honest – Hear the honest opinions of valued customers faster by using mobile responsive surveys to collect data across all channels, including email, website or social media.
  • Imagery – Tell the story and ask the question with a picture. For longer surveys, group categories of questions under an impactful image, video or infographic.
  • Notifications – Act on geo-location notices to push out new surveys.
  • Easy – Survey logic flow, answering and submitting on mobile devices and apps must be easy, and continually get easier as time goes by.