Page 1's simplicity and focus is carried over into the subsequent pages of the report to ensure that management is always aware of exactly how the shopper answered, what answer options they did have and space for any narrative comments around their visit. 

This level of effective simplicity with a focus on actionable intelligence allows your management to make the decisions they need to make to maximize performance. 


Mystery Shop

The mystery shop report itself is vitally important when it comes to management on the ground level being able to make the appropriate decisions to drive location performance.  

SeeLevel's focus in this area revolves around 3 main approaches: Cleanliness, Simplicity & Actionable Information on page 1.  We want your management to look at page 1 and know exactly what is happening at their location.  


Additionally, our mystery shop reports allow great looking photos, as the image to the left illustrates. 

Whether you're a restaurant, bank, QSR, home improvement retailer, clothing retailer, car dealership or manufacturer, real estate conglomerate, or any organization for that matter that is looking to have quality photographs added to your mystery shop reports, we can easily provide that to you.