32% Increase in Compliance
in Just 6 Weeks


Our client in the restaurant arena was experiencing a decrease in customer satisfaction due to poor product delivery. A new order confirmation process was implemented and rolled out nationally. The roll out was supported by an in-restaurant incentive program for front line employees, to encourage rapid adoption of the new process.

SeeLevel designed a Human Experience (HX) measurement program that captured whether the in-restaurant team members were complying with the new order confirmation process.

Our HX Evaluators conducted over 16,000 in-restaurant evaluations over the course of 6 weeks. Every time a team member was observed delivering the new process by an HX Evaluator, the team member and their manager were awarded an On-The-Spot reward certificates.

Compliance with the new process increased by over 32% over the course of just six weeks.
SeeLevel HX gets inside of the experiences delivered by your brand, your main competitors and your industry as a whole, to identify what truly sets you apart and ensures that your customers become the loyal advocates that continue to drive your brand’s ongoing growth and success.
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