SeeLevel HX is the newly branded human experience organization combining the expertise and execution of three leading business intelligence companies - Mystery Researchers, Beyond Hello and Insula Research. 


With a combined corporate experience of more than 40 years in developing, executing and delivering custom business intelligence programs, our updated and refreshed identity isn't just about being new, it is a reflection of our evolution, a reflection of the experience revolution, and ultimately an entirely different level of approach to the measurement and delivery of human experiences. 

The play on words is intentional. We’re designed and structured to help the C-level make informed and impactful decisions. Whether it’s strategy evaluation for a CEO, execution measurement required by a COO or experience delivery data needed by a CMO, SeeLevel has the infrastructure and business expertise to deliver results.

Our clients are able to see not only at the level of their customers but also are able to level the playing field against their competitors. This industry perspective helps identify white spaces of competitive advantage which in turn drive business results.

Lastly, sea level is that absolute base from which measurements are made; SeeLevel HX and our proprietary panels provide our clients with data that are relevant either specifically to an industry or to an organization’s strategic objectives. 

Experience Where it Counts

We apply a consultative approach to the development of a variety of programs, led by category experts with a wealth of experience, both as practitioners and project managers. We deliver mission-critical information to solve business problems by building a custom solution to your unique business needs.

Our approach is innovative and it's not uncommon to leave a conference call or meeting with confidence and the thought "I've never heard that before."

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Trusted Partner of Market Leaders

We pride ourselves on transparency, our commitment to the human element every step of the way and paying unparalleled attention to the smallest detail. Whether you're a corporate brand with 20,000 locations or a start-up with 20, our breadth of expertise goes far beyond the size of your business and focuses on a level of granularity that will allow you to identify areas of needed improvement, followed by guidelines on how to make those adjustments. 

We chose our tag line for a reason, “When getting it right is the only option.” as it embodies all of our activities. 

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Strong. Reliable. Passionate. Driven. If this is what your organization needs in a partner, SeeLevel HX is ready to deliver the custom program that's right for you. 

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Our clients tend to get excited, so get ready for the experience!  Interested in who is currently driving their business with SeeLevel?  

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